Spring 2011

May 23, 2011

Sket Dance 7: Summer Sakura

Tried and tested formulas aren’t really that bad. Yes. The latest episode of Sket Dance pulled that cliché love story that we all had seen and watched. But we don’t have to be disgusted for something that isn’t new. In fact, this episode’s love story was executed nicely that it has this nice feeling of “awwww…”.

There isn’t much to say about this episode. The entire story says it all, and I don’t really have any qualms about it. No over shouting, and the there aren’t any excessive jokes for that matter. SKET dance, behave in their usual characters, and that’s something I find good about it. This episode is also structured, well enough that the short development among the disposable character is sufficient enough to connect to the audience. We also get to see Bossun for not being much of a lady killer. I think Switch has much better chance of winning a heart, than Bossun. But I really like Bossun, for what he is. Sadly, they downplay his good looks, with those ridiculously face expression of his.

Lastly. What an impossible way to dispose a character. I don’t think Te-chan has enough money to go to America. Even if he did, where will he stay? Don’t tell me, he’ll be doing that Tuna fishing expedition of sorts. Anyway, nice that we get to see the Mentos samurai and the Yankees. I really wish that we get to see the kid from the first episode.

Overall. Nice episode. I hope that they can maintain this story structure, and if they can, try to make a serious, as in serious arc. I really have a feeling that they can do it.

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