May 2, 2011

LAST IMPRESSIONS: Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi

This may perhaps be the first time I had dropped a series off while not finishing an episode. This, as I stated in its first impressions, is simply too much to handle, even with my tolerance for bad anime. Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi is simply the most abysmal, mundane, and over-stereotypical VN adaptation I’ve seen in my hobbying career, even similar VN adaptations I watched years ago makes them look more like an Oscar-winning masterpieces. I just simply had to drop it. I’m over with this.

There are certain things I hate in a series. As I had said many times, I hate stupid characters that are just in for the cuteness. Same reason why I don’t like the professor and robot skits in Nichijou. I also hate Yui for overly stupid for an 18 year-old brat. Of course, there is also this pointless stupidity of a comedy involving delinquents and their overly-stupid antics to beat the crap out of each other. I’m looking at you, Beelzebub. Then we have this, although having “girls insufferably nice to each other” troupe in this series, I’m pretty much fine with it under certain qualities involving the story. Sadly, everything I hold for in this series just isn’t enough keep me watching it.

The sore thumb in this series ironically us the entire reason why the series existed. Instead of having the heroines being dynamic, they all have one redeeming quality which only stays static. A gluttonous pink head with stupidity almost similar to Yui… Ugh, then her tsun-tsun sidekick who wants a pice of the MC’s ‘sausage’. Then, we get a sane girl, who simply keeps her feelings to herself but will just masturbate behind the scene as the MC bones other girls, his male partner who would get the short end of the stick in most cases, the MC’s long-lost childhood friend who also doubles as a priestess in a temple. All dating-sim VNs must have those, including another tsun-tsun green haired flat-breasted loli also falls on our MCs harem. Maybe, we’ll be getting a samurai-esque character in the future. Oh boy, is there anything not predictable in this series?

Even with the plethora of female characters to fall on our MC’s lap. At least to a point, we’ll get some sort of stories on each of them, right?  Unfortunately, there’s none. They’re simply one-sided trophies for our main MC, who’s also doesn’t really have the slightest clue of the opportunities presented to him. He doesn’t have any dark past nor anything that makes him interesting. His younger brother has more following than him. That’s poor characterisation for me there. At least in Yosuga no Sora, the MC is banging the female leads and in the end and the women there have their own issues. At least, it makes up an ensemble of interesting stories, even though they’re pretty much not of a masterpiece. Still, Yosoga no Sora kept me entertained and stimulated in the end.

For comparison’s sake, Yosouga no Sora may have been too much. Footprints in the Sand is perhaps the most closest you can have for comparison in this series. Everything from the settings to the stereotypical characters are present. Beside that, it has a plot that’s not involved with long-lost childhood sweethearts. Despite for what it is, it’s a decent story, enough to keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Since the MC is not being overly sexual to his brother nor does not bang the girls in the series without justification. I can’t help but drop this series. I think I’ll replace it with A-channel which I find better than Nichijou.

  • http://seaslugs melissa

    Don’t like it don’t watch it

    • Mr.A

      Hahaha…I agree. Even the Younger brother fanservice can’t save it for me.

  • http://seaslugs texasroper

    What’s the point of blogging a show if you’re just going to complain about it.

    • Mr.A

      I stop blogging it when I find that it sucked, and Steins;Gate is light years better than this piece of uninspired, bland, stereotypical, VN adaptation crap of an Anime. If the main character can have sex with the female lead(s), I might continue watching it.

  • Kouta


    • Mr.A

      Yes, its a romance Anime. A very bad romance Anime. But if you like it, good. I won’t laugh at your taste.

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